Advanced Laser Training Completed

March 5, 2018

WARSAW (February 28, 2018) – Three staff members at the KAuffman Medi Spa completed advanced training on the Cutera® laser system. Natalie Cole, aesthetic nurse and certified laser technician, Sarah Anderson, aesthetician and certified laser technician, and Rachel Strouse, certified laser technician participated in the training. Michelle Collantes, PA-C and nationally recognized trainer, taught the latest advances in laser technology and most effective treatment methods.

Many individuals decide on a tattoo for numerous reasons and, at a later time, may consider that the tattoo is no longer desirable. The Cutera enLightenTM system’s nano and pico-second technology can treat a broader range of tattoo pigment on most skin types. Individuals may need a fraction of the number of treatments that were necessary with prior technology.

A stand out in Cutera’s recent advancements is the configuration of a non-thermal laser to target skin pigment more efficiently than ever before. PICO Genesis TM is a non-invasive technology that utilizes ultrafast picosecond wavelengths to quickly and safely break up melanin in the skin and can be used on all skin types. PICO Genesis can help with sun and age spots, pigmentary concern, evening skin tone, and returning skin to an overall brighter, more youthful state. To learn more about PICO Genesis, visit

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